4 weeks, New BootCamp, New You!

With our all new No Sweat Intro Goal setting session. 

In 4 weeks, we can guarantee you will get results.

All you need to do is come, listen to what your coaches are advising you.

That’s it! 

Not only will you see the change, but in our new 30 minute No Sweat Intro Goal setting session with your coach you will be working towards 2 goal all your own. You may be with a group, but this makes it all just for you.  Set your 2 Goals for your 4 weeks, come and see the changes happening.

 For only $97. 

What do you have to lose? 2018 may almost be over, but there is still time to see the changes you’ve always wanted.

Let TCF help you reach all your goals. 

Call today or book your No Sweat Into online!


Cubs Winter Session

Starts December 28th @ 6 pm.

8 sessions for 8 weeks


ONLY 15 spots!

RESERVE YOUR SPOT NOW! These will go quickly!

What We Offer


We sure do get asked a lot of questions around here! Here’s some of the most Frequently Asked Questions we get, and the responses you will need to know:

“What is CrossFit?”
We get to play with weights, learn skills, and then mash everything together and do our conditioning!

Why someone should workout at Transcona CrossFit over their current gym/workout?”
Well CrossFit is something that anyone can do. It’s easy to fit in, and you’re going to see results.

“Is CrossFit for me?”
YES!!! Because working out in a community where everyone feels welcome makes showing up so much easier, and is the most modifiable workout program out there!

“Why Transcona CrossFit over another CrossFit XYZ?”

  • We’re all about our Community,
  • Everyone feels welcomed at our box.
  • We have an amazing/positive atmosphere.
  • We make sure everyone can do the workout to their level of fitness
  • Our box always is our members Happy Place
  • We modify the workouts for everyone, if you’ve never done it before we break it down and make sure you’re doing the movement correctly and safe.
  • Teach you it’s always the Quality of the movement and not the quantity of it. Form over reps!
  • The coaching staff keeps our members coming back.
  • Our Head Coach will send We Miss You texts or emails if they notice you haven’t come for a few days. Mostly to make sure you’re ok, but to make sure you’re staying committed to yourself and your fitness journey.
  • Our programming is proven weight loss.
  • Our gym is also proven in confidence building, our mindset work helps men and women rebuild their mindset and rebuild their self worth.
  • We help you set achievable and realistic goals, break them down for you to do one step at a time.
  • We have an easy convenient location at the corner of Gunn & Redonda. Plenty of parking spots!
  • We have many different class times to help fit your schedule, we’re even open on the weekends!
  • We offer Dryland hockey training!
  • Teens are welcomed into main classes!!!
  • We offer Cubs classes for kids! They learn to play, have fun and learn that fitness can be fun!
  • We offer Group Classes, Personal Training, and Nutrition classes!
  • TCF currently has 2 Level 2 CrossFit coaches, 1 Level 1 Precision Nutrition coach, and one coach studying for their Level 3 CrossFit Trainers course.
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Why A No Sweat Consult?

We can't wait to get you started on the right path. Sign up for a “No Sweat Consult” today! We will talk about what your fitness goals are in addition to helping you pick the right program tailored specifically for you. We never pressure anyone to join, and truly want it to be a good fit for everyone.

Fill in your information below and it will take you to a scheduling page where you can set up a time to come in. We’ll talk about your goals, and we will make them happen!


BootCamp with an Attitude!

Our Hybrid Class  follows the premise of CrossFit classes BUT with a BootCamp philosophy. We train with NO BARBELLS and we mimic the CF workouts. The reason is to keep the community growing together. Even though we do different style workouts, we all come together at the end of the class and do the last Workout as a group. Not sure what this means?? Come check out a FREE class today! All  levels of fitness are suitable for this class!

Rowing, Kettlebells, Core, Interval Training and so much more! Join us and find out what it's REALLY like to have the Power of a Community behind you!

Classes Run Monday, Tuesday and Thursdays @ 7 pm.

For more information please call us @ 204-777-2002

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Try a FREE Class Today!

Try your FIRST class on us! We have classes running Monday - Friday 5:30 am, 9 am, 5, 6 & 7 pm OR every Saturday at 8 & 9 am & OUR NEW CLASS TIME Sunday at 9 am!


"I chose your gym because 1. I heard soooo many great stories, 2. I was so welcomed at my first class, I am usually not one to like to do anything in front of people if I don't know I will be good at it. 3. You, I like your coaching style... hands down!" - April

"The one that stands out to me would be not only do you change peoples lives but probably more importantly you empower people to change their own lives to see that they are stronger and braver and more capable and worthy than they ever would have believed because you believe for them!" - TCF member



TCF has a Massage Therapist!

Please welcome Melissa Wall to our Athletic Team! Mel is a Remedial Massage Therapist that does Deep Tissue and Cupping. Book Your Apt today!

To Book Online Click Here

Phone: 204-918-7284


Lynne Nelson

Head Coach/Owner

CFL2, Varbanov Olympic Lifitng, NCCP Level 1, Joint and Movement Specialist from Agatsu, ViPR Trainer Certified, Can Fit Pro PT, CPR

Cory Marshall

TCF Coach

CFL2, Precision Nutrition Level 1, CF Gymnastics, Manitoba Fitness Council - Resistance Training Fitness Leader, Manitoba Fitness Council - Individual Fitness Leader


Karen Volk

TCF Coach/ Pre-K Coach

CFL1, Manitoba Fitness Council Group Fitness Leader


Lauri Mora




"Before joining TCF i didnt know that it was possible to love myself, but i finally do. Since starting Jan 2017, I have learned that this body is strong and can kick butt with the proper training and mindset. Although my journey is just beginning with TCF, I know it will be a lifelong journey with them, as they have become my second family. The coaching from Lynne doesnt stop at the door, she cares about you even once you leave the gym for the day. The whole TCF family is amazing, they are there to build you up, give you advice, challenge you, but most of all support you during the highs and the lows. This is by far the best decision I have made regarding my health and goals."

Yes, Sign me up for Basic CrossFit

Basics is our Intro to CrossFit!!

Basic CrossFit Runs EVERY Monday, Tuesday and Thursday

Basic CrossFit is a 2 week program that runs three times a week! We cover all the fundamental movements in CrossFit and it gives it to you at a learners pace! Classes run for 1 hour!

What are you going to learn? Squats, Presses, Cleans, Snatches, Deadlifts and so much more! Learn it the right way the first time and be "Classroom" ready when you complete your Basics Camp!