Getting Started

Before we have you jump right into On Ramp, we want to set you on the right path; so we have developed our No Sweat Intro. During this consult, we will talk about what your fitness goals are in addition to helping you pick the right program tailored specifically for you.  Part of what makes Transcona CrossFit different from every other gym out there is the personal attention we give in talking about nutrition, goal setting and lifestyle.

If you are interested in continuing after the No Sweat Intro, we offer our On Ramp Classes ($200)   The On Ramp session is 1 on 1 and is broken down into 3 private lessons.  These 3 private lessons introduce new CrossFit movements, skills,and knowledge in a safe one-on-one environment. They all end with a CrossFit wod (workout of the day) so you can get used to what you'll experience in classes.  After completing the 3 sessions, you'll get to finish off the month and receive weekly strategy emails from your coaches on how to go about the workouts and the best way to execute them. Then you will choose the membership that works best for you and enter the regular classes, or as some prefer, they stick with personal training!  

The On Ramp Sessions are open to ALL FITNESS LEVELS.

The lessons can be scheduled any time you and a Coach have free time, and most complete the On Ramp Course in about two weeks time.


"Everyone has their own story. In many ways mine is not unlike many of the other ones that you’ve heard of before, but I think it just reinforces the messages that you’ve already heard. Being heavy all of my life and being somewhat athletic and prone to osteoarthritis it was inevitable that I was going to have issues with my hips at an early age. It was then at the age of 49 that I went through my first total hip replacement in the summer of 2017. While the surgery was very successful the pain and waiting period until the next surgery which occurred in April 2018 took a toll on my body. After my second hip replacement I was left with lower back pain and very poor mobility. This coupled with the stresses of work and everyday life left me out of shape and in recovery mode. I couldn’t even put my socks on and had difficulty in picking something off of the floor. The surgery was again very successful and the hips didn’t hurt anymore so in September of 2018 I found the will to take on something new for me. I had to do something to get my life back. I joined a 2 week bootcamp class in September 2018. Once completed I signed up for the unlimited membership. Initial progress was slow as my mobility really wasn’t very good. It is something that I struggle with every workout. The focus for me has always been to make sure that I get a good workout every time that I go. To make sure that I have put in the effort. That’s where the TCF family comes in. They see me there everyday. The support from the family makes me feel like I’m not doing this by myself. There are no bad apples here as they all have similar wants and are all people trying to better their health and themselves. They encourage and want to see you succeed During the opens with tears in my eyes I hugged and thanked Lynne for saving my life. I really meant it as I was doing stuff that I never thought 6 months ago that I could or would ever do. Now the attitude that I carry is ‘one day I will be able to do that’. Staying positive in general is not a bad way to lead your life and TCF has reinforced this in me. It’s not like I truly didn’t know the strength that one can have from within because I think I did know. It is the courage that is needed to believe in yourself that at the time I didn’t have. That is where all of these testimonials can relate. It is to have the strength from within to believe in yourself and the courage to act on that belief that makes them the same. It's something that I have to keep working on as does everyone else." - Alex