Welcome to TCF! The "Every" Body gym!

We understand how it feels to try to lose weight on your own, to try to fit in at a gym. We understand not knowing what to do when you show up at a globo gym and just go on the treadmill. We get it!!! At Transcona CrossFit we take the thinking out of it with our pre programmed workouts, helpful nutrition advice, and a community to help support you and hold you accountable!



Lynne Nelson

What's your favourite CF movement? Anything with a Barbell. Cleans, Heavy Snatches. BURPEES!!!

Fav lift? Snatch


Clean: 155#

Snatch: 110#

Deadlift: 255#

1000 Burpees 2h 2 mins

Fav Benchmark/Hero WOD? Kelly & Murph

What do you love about coaching at TCF? I wanted to make a gym atmosphere where everyone and every body type can come in, enjoy working out and become a community of support. At TCF I love the people, so many different walks of life but some how we all met up and formed this amazing mischievous family. A bunch of people coming together with the same goal in mind. Get healthier, longevity of life, and kicking ass every day!

Creds: CFL2, Varbonov Olympic Lifting, ViPR Training, Joint and Mobility Agatsu, CF Scaling, Basic Anatomy YMCA, Can Fit Pro Group Training & CPR




What's your favourite CF movement: Bar Muscle Ups

Fav Lift? Squats


Cleans: 245#

Snatch: 155#

Deadlfit: 335#

1000 Burpees: 1 hour 45 minutes

Fav Benchmark/ Hero WOD? Annie

What do you love about coaching at TCF? Love watching people progress and improve!

Creds: CFL1




What's your favourite CF movement?

Ring Push Ups or Burpees

Favourite lift?

Deadlift or Bench Press


Clean and Jerk: 225#

Snatch: 165#

Deadlift: 360#

1000 Burpees 2h 5 mins

Fav Benchmark/ Hero WOD? Fran or Lynne

What do you love coaching at TCF? 

The environment, the clients that TCF attracts, and how welcoming it is to everyone!

Creds: CFL2, Precision Nutrition Level 1, MFC Resistance Training, MF Personal Trainer, Acceleration Performance, CF Gymnastics





What's your favourite CF movement? Power Clean 

Fav lift? Power Clean, deadlift


Clean: 140#

Snatch: 105#

Deadlift: 240#

Fav Benchmark/Hero WOD? Not sure 

What do you love about coaching at TCF? the community at TCF, being able to watch the athletes confidence grow as they become more comfortable with the movements, working with athletes at different fitness levels and being able to provide modifications for every workout. 

Creds: CFL1

Operations Manager

CFO/Co Owner of TCF


In 10 years TCF has helped over 1000’s of people lose weight, gain self esteem, live a better healthier lifestyle!

Side Effects

  • Increased Self Worth/Self Esteem
  • Weight Loss
  • Community
  • Life Saving
  • Positive Mindset
  • Increase in Mental Health
  • Muscle Gains
  • Physical Strength
  • Mobility
  • Agility to move
  • Nutrition
  • 2nd Family
  • Home away from home
  • Coaches that want to see you succeed
  • Decrease in Anxiety
  • Motivation in life

How Will It Change Your Life?

Feel Supported/Support Others, People holding you accountable to show up to class, create gym BFF’s, feel empowered, people to cheer you on, lift you up. People believe in your abilities way before you see it. +self worth, +self esteem, +confidence. Accountability doesn’t only come for the coaches, but your community, a feeling of belonging.

Ready to Embark on a New Journey?

Community, Accountability, Workout Programs that work, Reliable coaching, Advice on nutrition, Weight loss, + Self esteem/worth, Feel a sense of belonging, Someone that doesn’t allow excuses, A Judgment Free Environment, Tribe, Leaders to lead them, Positive Environment, Workouts for all levels of Fitness, Variety of class times, Have Fun.