Transcona CrossFit

Saturday November 30, 2019

Skills 8 am

Strict Gymnastics (A)

Not For Time:
30 Wall Walks

Strict Gymnastics (B)

4 Giant Sets For Quality:
10 Horizontal Ring Rows
:10-:20 Second Ring Support Hold


  • Working back and forth between two ring movements in the second half of strict gymnastics
  • For the horizontal ring rows, choose a difficulty that is challenging, but one that allows you to complete the 10 rows unbroken
  • On the ring rows, walking the feet further forward or elevating them will make the pull more challenging
  • Following the last ring row, immediately transition to a ring dip lockout for 10-20 seconds
  • Rest as following after the ring support hold


Ring Support Hold

  • Reduce Time
  • Use Band as Needed
  • Push-up Plank Hold (30-45 seconds)


4 Rounds of….

10 Muscle Up Ring Row: focus on transition from pull to press

4-6 Seated Banded Muscle Ups…If the Muscle Up Rows are too Easy transition to these…if not practice your transition from the floor

4-6 RMU Negatives…start at the top position and slowly make your way to the bottom. From the floor or from the free standing rings. Use a band like you would for Ring Dips if needed

6-10 False Grip Bent Arm Kipping

Olympic Lifting 9 am

Halting Snatch Pull (3sec Pause at Knee)5060707570
Press Behind Head (Split Jerk Stance)3×5, use moderate intensity
Front Squat+Power Jerk (%1RM Clean)5060707570


Partner Painstorm

30 KBS

30 Toes To Bar/Knee Raises

30 KBS

30 Box Jumps/Step Ups

30 KBS

30 Cal Row

30 KBS

30 Burpees

30 KBS

30 DB Snatch (left arm)

30 KBS

30 DB Snatch (right arm)

30 KBS

30 Pul Ups/Ring Rows

30 KBS