Membership Types

CrossFit Unlimited

Enjoy the perks of coming unlimited. This membership gives you access to any CF or LF class times, Oly Class and Skills Class!

CrossFIt Limited (3x/week)

Limited on time? OR just testing the waters? Then this is the membership for you! 3x a week, this membership gives you access to all the CF and LF classes, Olympic Lifting and Skills classes.


Do you want to workout but you don't love the barbells? If you're looking to get a good sweat and learn some cool new workout moves then this membership is for you! This is our NO Barbell class, you still get a GREAT workout without the calloused hands and worrying about barbells crashing down beside you!

Personal Training

Do you prefer One on One coaching? Do you have your own goals you want to achieve? Then this membership is for you! This is a great membership for anyone that wants a personal program done,this is also a great option for someone who's just starting out in fitness and needs a little more attention from the coaches. This is also an amazing option for athletes to get better at their sport!