TCF Pre K is for kids who just want to move their bodies, have fun and learn about fitness. We teach these young kids that fitness is fun by playing games, teaching them body awareness (how to squat, push up) and most importantly these kids will learn about Mindset and healthy snack options.
We have a little colouring booklet for the kids with I Am tag lines. They'll be able to say their affirmations, and colour some amazing pictures.
Self Worth and Self Love is so important and so we plan to help instil that in their belief system.

Classes are 45 minutes and will run in 8 week blocks.

Wednesdays @ 6:15pm. Starts November 8.

TCF CUBS Ages 7-12

TCF CUBS is changing it's format!!!!! New Session starts Monday November 6, 2017. Register for either Monday OR Wednesdays time slot. 8 Cubs per class! Monday only has 3 spots left!

Warm Up

Gymnastics Skill Work

Strength Work/Olympic Lifts (pending on the child, it'll be weight appropriate)

WOD (workout of the day)- This can be anything from an Opens workout, an AMRAP (as many reps as possible), EMOTM (every minute on the minute) and so much more options!

Mobility and of course a powerful mindset recap. We want to continue guiding the kids to same something empowering about themselves and something that they loved about their workout. A quick nutrition advice for them before they leave.

Being a Mind Gym we want to keep the same level of mindset for the kids that we have for the adults. Self worth, Self Esteem and Self Love is vital and especially for the kids approaching teenage years, we want them to feel confident about who they are and know they are perfect the way there are! They will have little booklets as well and they're going to write out what they loved about their workout, and how they felt when they finished it!

Classes are 60 minutes and will continue to run in 8 week blocks. 

 Monday OR Wednesdays at 6:15 pm. Starts November 6, 2017.

Maximum Spots Available is 8 kids. (if class is full, you can put your child's name on the waiting list for the next round!)


TCF Teens is designed like an Adult CrossFit class but scaled for Teens. We're breaking down all the movements and teaching our Teens body awareness, lifting, strength and endurance.

Coach Cory breaks down every movement in class and then finishes things off with a great MetCon (Metabolic Conditioning). This session will run in 12 week blocks. Here's the breakdown:

Warm Up

20 minutes of On Ramp style class. Basically breaking down lifts, squats, presses, gymnastics, etc.

Second half of class is CrossFit, MetCon's, AMRAP's, EMOTM, Opens, and so so much more!

Mobility finishes off the classes.

The Teens are encouraged to write their workouts, their weights and this way their progress for 12 weeks is trackable. Coach Cory is amazing at breaking down everything and does a great job giving every Teen one on one attention. We continually work mindset as well with the Teens, and always giving them amazing words of encouragement.

Classes run for 60 minutes in 12 week blocks.

Wednesdays at 5:15 pm.

Maximum Spots Avaliable is 6! (Once class is full, we can add your Teen to our waiting list for the next round!)



Here at Transcona CrossFit, we understand how important it is for kids to have a good exercise routine. Not only does it make them healthy today, but the skills they learn can be used for a lifetime.

While CrossFit for kids might sounds extreme, don’t worry; our CUBS programs are specifically tailored to each age group. While they’ll get a great workout, we’re not going to push them nearly as hard as an adult who comes in for CrossFit classes. Here’s why it’s such a great kids exercise program.


We know that different ages of children are looking for different kinds of workouts in our kids gym. We have three age groups: TCF PRE K CUBS (ages 3-6), TCF CUBS (ages 7-12), and TCF TEENS (ages 12-15)  Each is perfectly shaped to appeal to the age group at hand.


As we mentioned above, the kids aren’t going to be nearly as pushed as hard as adults are. They won’t be flipping tires alone, and they’re not going to get a hernia because they tried to deadlift twice their weight.

They are going to come home exhausted, but it’s the good kind of exhausted. After all…


Kids are going to have fun in class, but they’re going to exercise! Depending on the age, activities can range from Crossfit 5running games to weightlifting. Just like a real CrossFit workout, we want them to exercise the whole body.

TCF New Generation!


Fitness program focuses on functional movements and fun for kids 3 to 15