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Why Should You CrossFit

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Let me shed some light on the massive differences between a Globo gym and a CrossFit gym. More so, here at TCF.

With CrossFit at TCF,  you get more than a workout or just a membership. Let’s break it down into 4 categories.

  1. Programming. We do Everything for you! Your job is to show up and our job is to show you how. We set our programming intending to help develop strength and a specific skill. We do this in 6 week increments. There’s a method to our madness! The classes all run the same, we introduce the workout, do a warm-up, if there is lifting involved in the workout the coaches breakdown the lift with a dowel making sure your lift is safe. We have a strength based followed by a Metabolic Conditioning workout. Again remember there is a method to our madness. When you come in to workout, show up, get ready, do the work, leave in a pool of sweat and feeling like you’ve had a great workout!
  2. Personal Training in a group setting. Because of the technical workouts and the safety of our members we keep the classes between 10-14 people. By keeping the groups small helps us make sure everyone is moving safely and the coaches can spend some time with each member to ensure they’re lifting properly. Smaller group keeps everyone safe and gives everyone one-on-one attention.
  3. Community – closest friends met in CrossFit. Some of my best friends I have I’ve met in CrossFit. The people you see daily help hold you accountable, help you when the WOD is so hard you need someone to push you and cheer you on. CrossFit’s community can be the difference between making a lift and failing a lift. There is an impact to knowing there are people waiting to see you at the gym.
  4. Accountability. Not only do your gym BFF’s hold you accountable, but the coaching staff does. We want to help you achieve your fitness goals, nutrition goals and life goals. We believe that with the proper mindset and unconditional support you can get there faster. You also get to hold yourself accountable with signing up for your classes and showing up to the time slot you committed too.

At a Globo Gym, it is so hard to find any of these components you need to succeed. Many times we go into a Globo Gym and aren’t sure what to do, we’re not shown proper form and we don’t know how to follow a program. We are missing the community waiting for us to show up and cheer us on.

We don’t have a Coach teaching us form, skill and execution of any lifts. All we have is that guy/gal sit there with a clipboard texting and looking around while we try to figure it all out. We go in and use what we know….. the treadmill. Then after 2 or 3 weeks we get bored and stop going. OR you pay about $60-$100 a session for a personal trainer to help you out. With our CrossFit classes on average you’re paying $13-$15 a class to get all 4 MAJOR components of success.

So why Transcona CrossFit? Our “Every Body” attitude is here to teach that anyone can lift! Anyone can work out! From the very beginner to the elite. We modify any workouts to YOUR level of fitness. We pride ourselves on accepting everyone and making everyone feel like family the second they walk into our doors. This is just something you cannot get at a Globo Gym! -Head Coach Lynne Nelson

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